How to Register

New Customer?

1. Follow this link for Child Pilot to register your family
2. An administrator will review your application within 24 hours

3. Once approved, download the Child Pilot Parent App and you can register for desired dates

4. The app will be used for sign in/out and parent communications as well

5. Click on this link for short 1 min tutorials for the app. Scroll down to Parent Portal Training
6. For more information about our program and policies, please read our Parent Handbook or give 

us a call.     

​Existing Customer?

1. Ask staff for the invite to Child Pilot

2. You will receive an email with a link to update your information

3. Download Child Pilot Parent App

4. Use the app to register, sign in/out, send/receive messages

Need additional help?

Email us at



$20 for every referral

Teacher Discounts

  • Workdays $45/day 
  • No registration fee
  • 10% off the weekly rate

Birthday Parties/Events

  • See birthday tab for more information

Camp Rates

Weekly Camp

  • 1st Child     $245
  • Siblings      $225

Daily Rate

  • 1st Child     $55
  • Sibling        $50

Registraion Rates

  • $35 1st child
  • $55 for one family

Before School Rates

Before School Care-

  •  $7/day

After School Care*

  • $9/day
  • Pine Springs Elementary​$10/day

*Includes early release days if registered full time

  • Early Release Days Drop-In​$35/ child